Casting the Shield Show with Five of Joss Whedon's Favorite Actors

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Casting the Shield Show with Five of Joss Whedon's Favorite Actors

Yesterday, a list of five roles for Joss Whedon's new SHIELD TV show were leaked. We only got character descriptions with no actors attached, and so that begs the question, who will play these roles?

Whedon likes to use the same actors in many of his projects, and there's a reason for that. They're talented! As such, it's no stretch of the imagination that he would return to his pool to cast some of the lead roles for the SHIELD show. I decided to give him my opinion on who should play what, given the descriptions we now have on file. Check out the casting list below:

SKYE | This late-20s woman sounds like a dream: fun, smart, caring and confident – with an ability to get the upper hand by using her wit and charm.

Choice: Amy Acker

For the lead female, likely the lead of the whole show knowing Whedon, I choose Amy Acker. She's an old Whedon favorite, appearing in Angel, Cabin in the Woods and Dollhouse. Though other actresses like Eliza Dushku or Sarah Michelle Gellar might have a little more flash to them, I've seen Acker in some fantastic dramatic moments that prove she could be a solid lead if given the chance. And Whedon is certainly one for giving chances.

AGENT GRANT WARD | Quite the physical specimen and “cool under fire,” he sometimes botches interpersonal relations. He’s a quiet one with a bit of a temper, but he’s the kind of guy that grows on you.

Choice: Enver Gjokaj

Out of every actor from Dollhouse, the one that stuck with me the most was Enver Gjokaj, Viktor. The man was an INCREDIBLE acting talent, switching between characters in an exceptionally believable way each week, and I think he deserves his shot at being the leading man for a change. Tahmoh Pinkett and David Boreanaz have had their turn.

AGENT ALTHEA RICE | Also known as “The Calvary,” this hard-core soldier has crazy skills when it comes to weapons and being a pilot. But her experiences have left her very quiet and a little damaged.

Choice: Gina Torres

Some people are saying Summer Glau would be ripe for this part, but I think that Gina Torres should come back to TV for the role. She was a surpeme badass in Firefly, and this part sounds like it needs a bit of age and experience with it. For all her talents, Glau still looks pretty young.

AGENT LEO FITZ and AGENT JEMMA SIMMONS | These two came through training together and still choose to spend most of their time in each other’s company. Their sibling-like relationship is reinforced by their shared nerd tendencies – she deals with biology and chemistry, he’s a whiz at the technical side of weaponry.

Choice: Fran Kranz and Felicia Day

These two? I can only see one nerdy Whedon pairing here. That would be Fran Kranz and Felicia Day, both from Dollhouse and both perfectly suited for the part. Their awkward nerdiness is part of their inherent being, and despite the fact I've only seen them onscreen together once, I can already imagine the brother-sister-maybe-someone-has-a-crush chemistry working well here.

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