Ringer review for Episode 107 - Oh Gawd There’s Two of Them?

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Ringer review for Episode 107 - Oh Gawd There’s Two of Them?

“You owe me one, bitch. Like 10 million dollars.”

I’m conflicted about tonight’s episode of Ringer. On one hand, the show is definitely not scared to answer questions and put its characters in very scary situations — or at least, in situations where they will be exposed. For example, Bridget telling Andrew and Henry about… well herself, essentially. But on the other hand, how simpleminded are these people?

For one, why would Juliet continue to hate Siobhan, as exampled by her “Oh gawd, there’s two of them?” Haven’t Siobhan (really Bridget) and Juliet been through enough bonding moments where they can at least be cordial of each other in some way, shape, or form? And why would Juliet continue to lie? Perhaps it’s because I never went through this crazy, partying (nor drugged up… thank goodness for that last one) phase, but come on Juliet: stop screwing up! Seriously. You tell your dad that you’re going to be in Connecticut all weekend after having abused drugs and alcohol and being “exiled” to public school and given a million and two chances: YOU DO THAT. You don’t go to a party and “just have two beers” to then try to drive a car when you don’t even have a learner’s permit. Really? Is she supposed to be redeemable? Is there a reason she has her new teacher’s phone number? Why hasn’t Andrew cut her off already? My daughter does drugs, I’m not exactly giving her a bunch of money the next day. Doesn’t take a mathematician to come up with four out of two plus two here. Maybe I’m just jealous that she gets $10 million from her trust fund and I’m sure to inherit debt.

I appreciate that Bridget realized what a grave mistake she had made when she put her fingerprints on that vase (why wouldn’t she just leave them as they are? Who cares about not wanting to incriminate Henry?) and I loved her voicemail to herself, but no one thinks it’s a bit convenient she tells both Henry and Andrew about Bridget the day before she gets interrogated? No one’s guessing they should be drafting up a fingerprint warrant now? Because that’s all it’s going to take to bust Bridget. That’s it. One fingerprint and she’s done.

But the show has also gotten mileage from perceived stupidity. For example, the aforementioned voicemail. I believed Bridget was calling Malcolm (never mind that she’s calling Malcolm on her actual phone, collective sighs, everyone) but instead she uses the voicemail when being interrogated (dismiss the fact that she did it right after being asked to go downtown…). Or Malcolm’s kidnappers letting him go so that he can lead a trail back to Bridget. That was actually quite brilliant, even though I was rolling my eyes when one of them said “He’s high, just leave him.” At least it paid off.

But if I haven’t learned anything yet about Ringer, it’s that you have to just shut off your brain because if not, your mind will be running with these questions endlessly. I suppose Bridget wouldn’t exactly know how to play this duplicitous game, anyhow, and she’s learning bit by bit. And even then, there were some genuine payoffs, as I mentioned.

Specifically, Andrew and Siobhan-Bridget finally mention something about getting intimate, directly. And they even share a kiss! This show is so not scared about moving forward that instead of having the phone interrupt the kiss, they went full force. It seems Bridget may actually be falling for Andrew. And speaking of intimacy, Bridget’s non-baby woes are hitting closer to home; in fact, she’s about to have a sonogram. Obviously, she should have gotten rid of this problem some time ago. I’ve never had to fake a pregnancy (which would be near impossible given my lack of need to and my gender, but that last one isn’t really a problem) but I would assume all it really takes is money and a corrupt doctor, or evennot saying “I’m pregnant” aloud when you receive the news.

And most importantly, I’ve been wrong this entire time. Siobhan hasn’t been talking to Hitman’s Boss, she’s been talking to Charlie! How crazy is that!? Very. I’m excited to see where that’s headed. And they have yet to answer if Gemma is alive or not! What happened!? So many questions answered and then… not really at all.

I’ll see you guys here next week where we’ll discuss if the Agent’s eyelashes are obstructing his view that this person is Bridget.


Ringer - Episode 8 in streaming - Maybe We Should Get a Dog Instead - Download on Rapidshare, Deposit File

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Ringer - Episode 8 in streaming - Maybe We Should Get a Dog Instead - Download on Rapidshare, Megaupload



Or Original Version with french subtitle, reup on feb 2012



Ringer - Episode 7 in streaming - Oh Gawd There’s Two of Them - Download on Fileserve, Megaupload

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Or Original Version with french subtitle, reup on feb 2012



Ringer review for Episode 106 - Poor Kids Do It Everyday

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Ringer review for Episode 106 - Poor Kids Do It EverydayOh, RingerRingerRinger… you were doing so well in the music department. Really! You really were. And then you had to go on and muddle it up in this episode — which easily could have been one of the darkest episodes to date. But nope. Instead, you decided it was best to use that inspirational, popish and upbeat whatever-that-is… all the way until, literally, the end when Siobhan says "I didn't want it to come to this." Really? I won't bother complaining about music on the show because it's obvious you don't listen to my very valid concerns, anyway! So what's the point? Psh! It's like debating with a wall, here. Instead, I'll just have to mute my television set and imagine a suspenseful score in my head. I tried gasps exclusively a couple of episodes ago but got lightheaded.

And I won't debate the nonsensical things, either, like if cops would honestly go all out with an anonymous tip like this (thankfully the show had Henry be the audience's voice of reason here with "Doesn't someone have to be missing for 24 hours!?"). Nor will I delve into the fact that public schools couldn't give a flying pickle about who started the fight, they'd just reprimand both parties anyway. I'm not even a bit upset at Henry grabbing Siobhan-Bridget from behind and putting his hand over her mouth for no reason. I won't reprimand Bridget for saying she isn't Siobhan in a voicemail for about the umpteenth time now. Nor will I describe how inexplicably stupid it was for Bridget to put her prints on the vase because she "believes" Henry[*]; I mean, how far is Agent Eyelashes from getting a fingerprint warrant anyway? Oh, probably never since he can't even use a search warrant correctly to find the melted spoon on the floor! (Never mind the fact that he could spot cigarette buds from about fifteen feet away…) And he can't even be bothered for obtaining a warrant to search Bodaway's place of residence. In this case, it wouldn't have mattered much because Malcolm (who I understand Bodaway needs to find out about Bridget, but who is kind of useless for both Bridget and Bodaway at this point) was being held at the strip club, but come on.

[*] Although, I did like them trying to fake us out a bit with making us think Bridget's prints were on there under false pretenses. At least it didn't take them five or so episodes to tell us the truth, unlike some other shows. That's the best thing about this show.

No, no, we won't get into any of that, because as I've said repeatedly, this show is for enjoyment, not actual thinking! This episode had two things going for it: a supposed murder and a Veronica Mars alum, so it should have been pretty awesome. Instead, it was a bit lukewarm. Regardless, let's talk about what was good about this episode (lest the previous diatribe put you off):

Juliet, for one. She's pretty much this bratty, cliché, spoiled upper east sider, and she didn't exactly change much of our view here, but at least the show decided to give her a bit more to empathize with. She didn't start the altercation with the skeleton (read: template) of a public school bad girl and she whined about it (to a professor she just met, nonetheless) but I loved her comebacks, and how she didn't hold back either. Once that girl threw her against the locker, the expression on her face (which didn't exactly match what the principal noted about her past physical violence record) had me worried for a second but then she asserted dominance and charged. Fantastic. At least we know she can hold her own and she won't be a bore to watch onscreen, beyond the obvious reason she isn't. But I would have picked up those $20. Just sayin'.

Continuing, in what pretty much everyone guessed, neither Henry nor Bridget had anything to do with Gemma's disappearance. But what does it all mean? Did Gemma, who called Andrew from outside of her home if I remember correctly, know about her impending doom? And why would Siobhan want her gone!? I believe a theory was tossed around that Hitman's Boss was the one who caused Gemma's disappearance, well he's terrible at cleaning up his mess… if in fact he had anything to do with it. These days, however, I just assume Siobhan is talking to Hitman's Boss on the other end of the phone.

And thirdly, I loved Siobhan's wackiness when talking about wasting Gemma and Andrew. It was so delirious, but infectiously so! That laugh definitely brought the tone a notch darker.

But as bad as this episode could have been, the worst part was hearing I have to wait until November 1st for a new episode! Well, darn. Guess I'll have to wait until then to dig even deeper through the web of lies and conspiracies that is Ringer. But until then, I'm going to go with: Hitman's Boss did this for Siobhan. Now we just need a reason. Sound off!

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