Ringer review for Episode 102 - She's Running Everything

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Ringer review for Episode 102Indulge me for a second during this long review, if you will, SpoilerTV readers because it's been a pretty good day.

Just two days ago, I was added to the list of writers here on the site, and I've already posted way too many reviews. Yet, no one has called me out on my prolificacy. (Okay, I can't lie to you, several of those were already written on my personal site.) Instead, someone said I was funny.

So, I can't tell if it's the funny compliment affecting my ability to critique or not but imagine my surprise when I turn on The CW at 9PM earlier tonight expecting another muddled, haphazard version of what's supposed to be a professional television series episode and being able to actually find really decent things to say about Ringer!

(Then, imagine my disdain in Ringer and The CW for not putting out any promotional stills for the second episode of their most-anticipated show of the season. Seriously, go check the SpoilerTV gallery for yourself. Thanks to this Sarah Michelle Geller fansite and kudos for being able to weed out an episode still, even if it's just one image.)

Let's examine what was wrong with the pilot episode of Ringer, as most of you agreed in the comments: (1) the music was completely mismatched; (2) the visual effects were god-awful; (3) the writing and directing was too casual for what should be a suspenseful show.

Watching Bridgette wrap up that body and try to clean blood with a tarp (come on, Bridge!) while someone's walking into the loft, I was scared that we'd get some song comparable to Foster the People's "Houdini," (though, now, they're probably too mainstream for The CW) but instead the show decided to let the natural sound speak for itself. And I think the scene was better for it. And when Gemma walks in and her toes are thisclose to the dead body on the floor, that little intense sound effect was oh so pleasantly suspenseful. I found myself cheering on Ringer a little, if I might add, which was a bit eccentric.

That pleasantry was short-lived, however, as Bridgette decides to go home and find products to help clean up her mess and another indie soft rock song came on. What? Okay, seriously? This is no longer just fraud, she killed someone. This is murder. Can we please act accordingly and put music that's fitting?

Visual effects
Siobhan walking behind Bridgette in the flashback was done well, but the New York scenery during Bridette's taxi ride wasn't done too well, and you knew she was in a lot. (I believe they shot episode 2 and beyond in LA.) But it was such a short scene, and it was only a tiny portion of the screen, we can hardly be annoyed with those visual effects.

Direction and writing
The pilot episode of Ringer was directed by someone who's mostly directed shows like 30 Rock and Ugly Betty. Tonight's episode was directed by Rob Bailey, who's done procedurals like Without a Trace and CSI: (and The Wire). That compared with a succinct story this time made for immensely better execution in this second episode.

But just how stupid is Bridgette? Why would she call Malcolm to tell him she killed someone? And why would she be so close to leaving him a voicemail (you know, just the kind of evidence the FBI needs and just the kind of trail the mob can trace)? Thankfully, she erases the message before leaving it, but then they begin to share text messages. Why would they do this? It makes no sense to me. And if it makes no sense to me, someone who isn't exactly keen on murders and fraud, then why would it make sense to the people that are actually committing these actions? Obviously, this will be Bridgette's biggest downfall.

Unimportant in the first episode was the story, mostly because we all knew what would happen thanks to the promos. Even so, the pilot was all over the place, and this episode brought it down to just one point: the body!

The focused plot allowed for better pacing and suspense than the pilot episode, considering everything was working towards the exposing of the body. Why she would keep it hidden in a loft is beyond me, though. And how she could forget to search for a cellphone or a wallet in his pants is iffy. Not to mention that she has money, and she had people moving stuff in her loft, so she could just have gotten someone to move it out of the apartment and onto some truck or car and drive to a body of water and dumped it. (Hm, maybe I do know about murder.) Regardless, I must admit I tensed up every time someone was closer to that dead body: when Andrew called about the party taking place in the loft, when blood was dripping at the corner, and when the party planners rolled out that carpet and Bridgette yelled "Stop!" I think my heart stopped beating for just a moment.

Ringer still has some problems, like why would Siobhan take money out of an account anyone, technically, has access to? If she was trying to hide away in Paris, wouldn't she have put money aside in some "offshore" account that no one could trace back to her? But despite its issues, I think I may be hooked — and when Bridgette opened that chest only to find it empty, I knew I had to be back next Tuesday.

I'm so on the bandwagon, I've been playing Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain" (the song featured in the promos) on loop the entire time I was writing this.

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Ringer - Episode 2 en streaming VOSTFR - She's Running Everything en streaming - Download on Deposit File

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RINGERx102x121003_907.jpgRINGERx102x121054_920.jpg RINGERx102x121014_416.jpg


Ringer review for Episode 101 - Pilot

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All's Noir that Ends Noir ...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to TV in Ringer


[Spoilers follow]

So here's the premise - Sarah Michelle Gellar, my favorite three-named actress of all time, (that's right, suck it Sarah Jessica Parker!) plays twin sisters Bridget and Siobahn. Bridget is a former stripper-addict on the run after witnessing a murder; her sister, Siobahn is an over-privileged member of the Park Avenue elite. Obviously, one twin must be the eeeeeeeevil twin - I mean, SMG started on All My Children, she isn't going to forget her soap-opera roots entirely - but which one?

The show opens with SMG being attacked by a masked man in a ginormous loft apartment (what NYC do these people live in, anyway?) Her reaction - more the girl from I Know What You Did Last Summer than Buffy the Vampire Slayer - is to scream "You have the wrong girl!"

It's possible we all have the wrong girl.

Nestor Carbonell in RingerFlashback to Rock Springs Wyoming, 9 days ago. Bridget is in witness protection, being protected by the amazingly-eyelashed Nestor Carbonell (Lost, The Tick, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises). She overpowers the agent watching her room, handcuffing him to the shower (OK, that was pretty bad-ass) and escapes and goes on the run, meeting up with her twin in the Hamptons a couple of days later. (At this point, Bridget is on the run from the bad guy, Bodaway Macawi, a tribal leader who killed a dancer in one of his strip clubs; without her testimony he got a mistrial and was released. She's also on the run from the FBI - they had taken her in for prostitution and possession; and she promised to testify against Macawi in exchange for release from the charges.)

Siobahn and Bridget do a little catch-up exposition in her fabulous Hamptons house before going on the most green-screeny boat ride since MegaShark vs. Crocosaurus. Seriously. In a show where one actor is playing twins, I expected some visual trickery, but good god, that was appalling!

Anyway, after a drink poured by Siobahn, Bridget wakes up on the boat - Siobahn is sio-gone, leaving her ring in bottle of prescription pills. (The ones she used to commit suicide, or the ones she used to knock Bridget out so that she'd sleep through Siobahn's no-doubt elaborate mid-sea departure.) Bridget thinks Siobahn's dead, and makes the not-too-difficult decision to assume her sister's identity and travels to her fabulous Park Avenue apartment, meeting up with her weirdly reticent husband in their ginormous walk in closet. (Seriously. Who are these people? And is it a sign that I've lived in NY too long, when I'm more taken aback by the closet space than by the giant SMG face poster taking up an entire wall of the foyer?)

On a side note: between the crazy-uptight husband and the faked (?) drowning, I'm getting a very Sleeping With The Enemy vibe. Also, I can see how choosing a background song for 'assuming my dead twin's identity' would be difficult; but how the hell did they pick a cover of 25 or 6 to 4?

Over the course of Bridget's assuming Siobahn's identity, we find that she's having a giant loft apartment built out, that she's having an affair with her best friend Gemma's husband Henry, and that her weird marital troubles may also be her own doing. And her stepdaughter got kicked out of boarding school for drugs and hates her. There's some mystery involving Bridget and Sean, for which she needs Siobahn's forgiveness.

Two Sarah Michelle Gellars in RingerBridget breaks off the affair with Henry; and Nestor from the FBI is hot on her trail. He meets with Siobahn, not realizing that she's actually Bridget in more aggressive makeup. Fooled ya! Gemma calls Siobahn to meet her at the giant loft regarding Henry's affair - and we're back to the beginning, where the masked intruder tries to kill her. Bridget finds her inner Buffy and her hidden gun, and kills the killer. Thinking he was sent by Macawi to kill Bridget, she checks out the killer's pockets and finds a snapshot with Siobahn's name on it. The killer *did* have the wrong girl. Speaking of weird music choices, is Patsy Cline's "I Fall To Pieces" the first choice of construction workers everywhere? And in the end - Siobahn is alive! In Paris! And pregnant. And possibly the one who tried to kill Bridget.

If you were expecting a noir-ish soap opera, with lots of false starts and wrong turns, Ringer did not disappoint. It's a pretty good show, actually - I am kind of excited to see where this is going; but please, get your special effects people and music-choosers in line. One more gigantic green screen faux pas, or weird irrelevant and distracting Chicago cover song, and collective snark could bring down the entire internet. And I don't think The CW wants to be responsible for that.

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1x05 - A Whole New Kind Of Bitch

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Directed by Janice Cook

Written by Shintaro Shimosawa

Air Date : October 11, 2011

Summarize : Gemma asks "Shivette" a tricky favor. Henry's writing career is swaying while Andrew and Juliet's relationship is not getting any better. Bridget on the other hand is meeting another AA sponsor, Charlie (guest star Billy Miller). Meanwhile, Malcolm is facing his own problems and he is tempted to solve them with alcohol.

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Ringer - Episode music for 101 - "Pilot

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Review: CW's 'Ringer' a disappointing return for Sarah Michelle GellarCW has released a list of all the music played in the Pilot. 

Song Title Artist Album
25 Or 6 to 4 Pacifika Supermagique
Cinema (ft. Gary Go) Benny Benassi Electroman
Go For Miles Tight White Jean Rip Tide Music
I Fall To Pieces Patsy Cline Patsy Cline's Greatest Hits
Kickface Little Foot Long Foot Oh, Hell
Lost In Dances Freedom or Death Freedom or Death
MDV – Neverest Hey Champ Star
Purified Tamar Kaprelian Sinner or a Saint
Secret Chambers Revision Ricochet
We Won’t Run Sarah Blasko As Day Follows Night
You Sink Me Justin Clayton Limb

Source: CW

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